Frequent questions and answers

Discover everything you need to know about tracking your competitors with ease in our concise Frequently Asked Questions.

How does your competitor tracking service work?

Our competitor tracking service employs advanced algorithms to monitor your chosen competitors' online activities. We continuously scan their websites, social media profiles, and relevant databases to provide you with real-time updates on changes, such as pricing updates, team changes, and feature releases.

Is competitor tracking legal and ethical?

Absolutely! Our competitor tracking service only collects publicly available information from websites, social media platforms, and legitimate databases. We adhere to strict ethical guidelines and comply with all relevant laws and regulations to ensure the ethical and legal use of this data.

How frequently will I receive updates about my competitors?

You can customize the frequency of updates to suit your needs. We offer options for daily, weekly, or monthly updates. You can choose the frequency that best aligns with your monitoring requirements.

Can I track multiple competitors simultaneously?

Yes, you can track multiple competitors simultaneously with our service. We offer flexible subscription plans that allow you to monitor as many competitors as you need, ensuring you stay informed about your competitive landscape.

Is my data secure when using your service?

Your data security is our top priority. We use industry-standard encryption protocols to protect your information. Rest assured that all the data you provide us and the updates you receive are handled with the utmost care and security.

What types of updates will I receive about my competitors?

You'll receive notifications about a wide range of changes related to your competitors. These include updates on their website content, new social media posts on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, and valuable insights from Crunchbase about funding rounds, acquisitions, and team changes. Our goal is to keep you well-informed about everything happening in your competitive landscape.